"Monica Lewinski Coat Rack"
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Dimensions: 18"x20"
$100 (Shipping included)
Medium: Acrylic & latex on wood (+ hooks).

Does your spouse have a job where they've recently hired a somewhat attractive unpaid intern and you feel slightly insecure about what might happen during late hours at the office? This Monica Lewinski Coat Rack is a really good way to send a subtle message that says, "I know you're going to try to have sex with that new intern, but if you do I'll impeach you with some divorce papers and then I'll use all of your money to take a cruise to the Mexican Riviera where I'll buy a bunch of Tylenol 3s from a desolate pharmacia and then meet a delightful new mate who I will French kiss until the cows come home while you're stuck in a studio apartment watching episodes of Portlandia while eating a hummus plate."

You can hang so many things on this coat rack! Not just coats! Hang a sweater! Bracelets! Other things! Brilliant! Way to go!

Don't hesitate, this item is extremely limited in production.

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painting in regards to size, color
and image by using the contact page.

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