"GRIPSTER: In The Bathroom"
March 2010

Dimensions: 18 "x18"
Catalog #2284
$100(Shipping included!)
Medium: Acrylic & latex on wood

Last year I was in a relationship with a girl who was in a relationship with three other dudes and then my mother went to jail so my brain had a freak-out and turned to mush. I wasn't exactly sure what to do, so I started talking to Kari Ferrell on the telephone. At one point we were talking for 10 hours a day at a time, and I also got to know her mother & brother, both of whom were very nice. George would often ask who I was talking to, and I would say THE HIPSTER GRIFTER, but this concept was as ridiculous to her as it was to 80% of my other friends, so George started calling her THE GRIPSTER because it was much easier to say. I'd like to announce that Kari Ferrell is one of my top 5 favorite people in the world and so I reckoned I'd like to see her when I was in the bathroom. I had stopped painting for a long time except to fulfill orders, but one day I started painting again and I made this painting and hung it up in the bathroom and everybody just absolutely LOVED IT. Later Joanna came over and used the bathroom and came out and said: THE HIPSTER GRIFTER IS IN YOUR BATHROOM.

Life is so wonderful all of the time if you want it to be.

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