Dimensions: 24"x36"
$300 (Shipping included!) / $250 (Picked up!)
Medium: Acrylic & latex on wood w/ glaze.

"Sixlets are an old time retro candy favorite. Small milk chocolate ball each with a different colored crunchy coating. The chocolate has some what of a malted taste, Andy says "yummy". Sixlets come in a tube like wrapping of cellophane. Each tube contains 20 bright colored sixlets. Many customers remember this candy they ate as a kid, but many have asked how they got their name. The truth is we don't know. After hours of research and many phone calls it is still a mystery to us. If you know how these delicious chocolate balls got their name we would be really happy if you shared that information with us." - O'Ryans Village

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painting in regards to size, color
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Colors on all of these paintings may
vary slightly. Use the contact page
if you're particular about that sort of thing.

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