"Ballard Folk Scene: Ally Shrimpter"

Dimensions: 34"x30"
$250 (Shipping included!) / $150 (Picked up!)
Medium: Acrylic & latex on wood

In the mid-1960s when music was terrible, Ballard had a vibrant scene for folk music. Finger snaps were heard around the block as lit-types crowded themselves into bars to smoke jazz cigarettes. Pictured here is Ally Shrimpter, a promising singer born in Seattle. Shrimpter eventually moved to Akron, Ohio to further her career. Unfortunately things went south and Shrimpter began working at the Goodyear Tire factory. This is a true story, but very boring as well.

This painting is part of the show: The Alligator, the Crocodile, Laughs, Lies & Some Great Things of the State of Washington at the Crocodile in Seattle, WA.

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