"Drugs #5"
May 2009

Oh man, this guy is in trouble. You see, this teenager is in high school and is so mixed up. He's not really sure what social group he fits into, what he's going to do with his future and things at home have certainly been awkward lately. So, he's turned to drugs. First he started smoking grass, but soon he may be on to the harder stuff. This policeman though, he's no help! HE'S JUST MEAN! Cops aren't usually helpful, they're just want to exert some power over you. Older cops are usually a little nicer because they're lazy. This is true unless you are a cop, then I mean to say that cops are "really great".

Dimensions: 16"x16"
Catalog #2217
$100 (Shipping included!)
Medium: Acrylic on wood

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