"Hitler (Crosseyed & Chubby)"
May 2009

Man, that Hitler! What a baffoon! Here's the thing, apparently he was a pretty good painter when he was a lad and EVERYBODY knows that the life of an "artist" is the one to lead. It's chock full of indulgence & relaxation, not to mention the chicks! Being a painter is like having Barney's Department Store entire inventory and we're not talking about the CO-OP either. We're talking about mountains of $300 pairs of jeans = FISH IN A BARREL! Instead he decided to try to become the king of the world and killed a bunch of people, oh brother.

Long story short, this is a painting of Hitler with crossed eyes and he's kind of fat. Because, dude, Hitler's not cool. He's totally lame. Anyway, the story is that he faked his death in 1945 and hid in a private apartment in Bremen Germany where he developed a devout love for Oreo cookies (which were invented in 1912) but while they were transported to Germany they picked up some bacteria that causes Strabismus (this bacteria doesn't exist) which is AKA CROSSED EYES and then that big dummy had to just sit and stare at TV watching Little House On The Prairie and that terrible Nellie Oleson, SHE DRIVES ME BATTY, SHE'S SO MEAN.

Dimensions: 18"x18"
Catalog #2221
$100 (Shipping included!)
Medium: Acrylic on wood

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