"Sitting Bull"
May 2009

George Custer failed his Tactics Class while he was a student at West Point Academy. Some time later during a battle they called Little Big Horn, Custer decided that he didn't need a big army to take out any number of natives and refused help during a battle with Sitting Bull. He was discovered later looking much like a porcupine.

After the battle Sitting Bull went to Canada for donuts and hockey but came back to the states to ride a horse in a circle for Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West show. He often yelled at and cursed the audience.

After the Wild West show, Sitting Bull went home. White America was scared that Sitting Bull was going to join the Ghost Dance movement so they shot him to death outside of his cabin. Then his cabin was floated on a river to Chicago for the World's Exposition. It was at this Fair that Chicago became the "Windy City", named for a bunch of jerks who talked too much.

Dimensions: 17"x15"
Catalog #2234
$200 (Shipping included!)
Medium: Latex & acrylic on wood.

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