"Fortunate Teens Party With Morrissey, 1994"
May 2009

There is a seldom told story that Morrissey's tour bus broke down
in small town Ohio in the autumn of 1994. A full day was necessary
for the repairs to be completed and Morrissey and his band delighted
local teenaged fans by stopping by a house party to drink beer and
smoke marijuana. "It was the time of my life," remarks Tamara
Marshall, who was hosting the party. "My parents were out of town and
I was told not to have a party, but once Morrissey showed up I knew I
wasn't going to be a secret for long." When asked what she remember-
ed most about Morrissey's visit, Tamara answered, "He didn't like
Rolling Rock beer".

Dimensions: 24"x32"
Catalog #2271
$250 (Shipping included!)
Medium: Acrylic & latex on wood

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