"Shiny Popcorn"
December 2010

Dimensions: 24"x24"
Catalog #2353
$200 (Shipping included)
Medium: Acrylic & latex on wood with epoxy.

People sure do like shiny things and that certainly holds true for this line of shiny paintings. People are often just dying to know what makes them so shiny. One time I told a teenager that I melted a window and just dumped it on top of the painting and he absolutely believed me. TEENS ARE TOO MUCH SOMETIMES.

You can request a variation of this
painting in regards to size, color
and image by using the contact page.

Colors on all of these paintings may
vary slightly. Use the contact page
if you're particular about that sort of thing.

Sometimes there are different paintings
to be found on my Etsy page. Other times,
there is nothing for sale there. Often,
I am very lazy.