"How Do You Like The Mapples?"
September 2010

Dimensions: 30"x36"
Catalog #2371
$200 (Shipping not available)
Medium: Acrylic & latex on a window.

This painting is too fragile to put in the mail, but I can ship a wooden version if you want. If you live in Seattle, buy the glass one! I will drive it to your house in my Subaru. When I arrive, you can offer me gummi bears and I will accept them.

You can request a variation of this
painting in regards to size, color
and image by using the contact page.

Colors on all of these paintings may
vary slightly. Use the contact page
if you're particular about that sort of thing.

Sometimes there are different paintings
to be found on my Etsy page. Other times,
there is nothing for sale there. Often,
I am very lazy.