This page contains giant photos and will take ages to load. Our favorite things about this trip was the Windschief Beach Huts in Hopkins
and the tortillas at the Exquisite Restaurant in Dangriga. Other than the tortillas, Dangriga should be avoided at all costs. As of 2011,
it's totally okay to drink tap water in Belize. Most people are very friendly. If you are in pain, you can buy Tylenol 3s from almost any
pharmacy. Dudes with dreadlocks sell marijuana. Most everything costs the same amount it would in the United States. Affordable lodging
can be found if you're patient. Don't be offended by the drink named "the panty ripper." The Ocean Pearl Royale is a wonderful and cheap
hotel on Caye Caulker. Avoid the Weyohan Hotel in Dangriga. It's filthy, unsafe and there's a chance that prostitutes will yell loudly
down each hallway all night long. If you're thinking about travelling to Belize and have questions, feel free to contact with questions.
It's a wonderful place to visit, you should go! You can rent a motorbike and drive it into a rainforest!

Scroll down to view the pictures below. When you've finished, turn off your computer and run screaming out of your house. Freedom is free again!