Mark Borchardt: Now when you go in the grave, and you're just laying
there in the casket - the last hurrah, the final goodbye - what are you
gonna think about, Bill? Huh?

Mark's Uncle: You tell me.

"Deaf people shouldn't marry each other." - Alexander Graham Bell

"I've got a nice new wristwatch with a bright red strap, the second hand really moves quite fast."

Live fur free or die.

I ran into a friend from high school on the street today. He asked, "So what
have you been up to?" I thought for a second and then told him that I guess
I was self employed. Then he asked what I do and I responded that I was going
to go home and draw Eddie Murray a bunch of times. "The comedian?" he asked.
"Yeah, kind of," I answered.


"That is a terrible Desi Arnez illustration." - DOUG
"This is the worst gibe on Elvis I’ve possibly ever seen." - SALL
"Another failure in Stranger 'humor.'" - BIGYAZ
"I want to think that Derek Erdman is funny, but I just don't." - Max Solomon

"That's red. No, it's pink. Darker pink, more red. Forget it." - Some guy, 8/20/2012

When you need a pet, get two of the same kind, don't let them eat wires.

"Cosmo Girl Helen Gurley Brown never kicked off her heels."

"I stumbled across her memorial as I was crossing Seattle Center. It was amazing." - Dan Paulus 8/20/2012

"Hi Derek! Can you paint me a Kingdome? Will Manning be pissed ?! I DON'T CARE !! I need it!" - Julie Butterfield Luecke

"As per the instructions on your site, please find the
attached pic. No, that is definitely not me. It is,
however, the late composer Angela Morley."
- Logan Young, 8/2012

"U R total goofball." - Dre Gordon / Grey Dragon

Donald Earl "Slick" Watts (born July 22, 1951 in Rolling Fork, Missisippi)

"Willie D is the gangster of love / some of my friends sell drugs." - Geto Boys, 1992

"The kids look insanely young. Any way to teen them up a tiny bit?" - Mike Force, 2012