JANUARY 2012: All of the pictures ever taken.
(Sorry if there are repeats, my QC is 86)

The Airport Tech King (Seattle, WA)

Sarah Galvin Appreciation Gesture (Seattle, WA)

We're Doing It #1 (Seattle, WA)

We're Doing It #2 (Seattle, WA)

We're Doing It #3 (Seattle, WA)

Good at Galaga (Seattle, WA)

Kate's Date w/ the Pope (Seattle, WA)

We're Doing It #4 (Seattle, WA)

Bingo No More (Missoula, MT)

Rasta Stop (Missoula, MT)

The Midnight Ramblers (Seattle, WA)

The End is Totes Nigh (Seattle, WA)

Dog Types / Types of Dogs (Seattle, WA)

Spirit Rapping w/ DK Pan (Seattle, WA)

Cat Power @ Cat Power (Seattle, WA)

A Lobster, A.D. (Seattle, WA)

I Don't Know Why I Took This (Seattle, WA)

Start Your Own Team! (Seattle, WA)


You Can't Buy a Wall! (Seattle, WA)

I'm Crushing Your Head (Seattle, WA)

A Lobster, B.C. (Seattle, WA)

Somebody Tell Me What Happened (Seattle, WA)

I'd rather be watching Reality Bites.