Hi, I'm Derek. I was born in Ohio and then lived in Southern
California as a child, and then moved back to Ohio as a teen. I
went to Kent State University ("Kan't read, Kan't write, Kent
State!) for English, but dropped out to work at a copy shop.

(Out of Sight Seattle, 2017 | Photo by Ashley Armitage)

While at the copy shop (& making zines on 3rd shift at Kinko's
in Kent, Ohio) I fell in love with clip art, especially by Tom
, and the 90s zine called Crap Hound. I moved to Chicago
and worked at record stores, eventually owning one in Hyde Park
that is still there today (it's still covered in the signs I painted).
While there I started making paintings of clip art-like images on
squares (that looked like record covers, tbh), eventually selling
the store to paint full time, mostly "for the people" simple and
affordable paintings. Soon after I saturated my market and was
forced to take myself vaguely more seriously, painting on slightly
uneven large canvases.

(with Mark E. Smith in the 1990s)

After too much Midwest, I moved to Seattle to work at an "alter-
native weekly" called the Stranger, and eventually at the record
label Sub Pop, all the while still painting. Soon after I realized
that I hated the constant drizzle and weird social dynamic of the
Pacific Northwest and moved back to Chicago. I like running,
sleeping, baths, eating, reading, and long road trips.
The usual stuff, really.

(not my driver's license)

Thanks for looking at my website, nice to meet you.

Here's a vague CV / list of things I've done lately:

11/16/2018 TBD Show with Ashley Armitage, Joan LeMay,
& Beth Hoeckel Showboat Gallery Los Angeles CA

03/10/2018 BIG WOW / BIG HI with
Ashley Armitage, Marieke McClendon, Ryan Duggan,
Jon Langford, Jingyu Lin, Rebekkah Federle, Ethan D'ercole,
Bobby Burg, Jamie Drier, Hotel George, Chicago IL

02/14/2018 "Welcome to Seattle, New Person" Feature
Seattle Stranger Weekly

02/03/2018 Culture Hustlers: Artists Minding Their Business
The Mills Gallery, Boston MA | Curator: Lucas Spivey

08/2017 Out Of Sight Schoenfelds' Building, Seattle WA

03/2017 No You Catch Us Outside How About That
With Brandon Vosika, Vermillion Gallery, Seattle WA